Some Of My Servers Maps Will Not Load

As you have read in the title I am having problems with my maps. It all started two days when I decided to throw rp_venator into my servers maps, I wanted to set it as a default and read off some forums that I put sv_defaultmap “<MAP NAME>” in server.cfg. I did so and when I rebooted my server construct came up, I then tried switching the servers map manually, but it went back to construct. I took the defaultmap line out of the server.cfg but with still no luck. I also tried reinstalling the map but with no luck, every other map that I have works. I then tried renaming the maps but still the same outcome, I am a bit stumped on where to go from here, should I put the default map thing back but replace it with construct??

Enter spacing would have helped with reading that.

I had an issue like this before but my issue was easily fixed with looking at the ServerCMD.

If it’s the exact issue I was having than it is the Version (or something like that). Some maps are (version) 21. Gmod only supports 20 (to my understanding and my problems). If the map comes from CS:GO 9 times out of 10 it wont work.

CSS maps work fine (maps made for CSS). :slight_smile:

Hope I helped!

EDIT: Basically there is no “fixing”, just have to use a different version of the map.