Some of my sh*tty wire stuff

Just a quick vid of some of my old wire based stuff, no biggy

I remember that jump pad

hahah wow, these are awesome.

Yes it’s a biggie.

Pretty cool stuff. I like the text writer, and that one-way glass is pretty smart.

Oh you~

Stop being so humble, Hunta, you always make nice things :slight_smile:

Heh, neat. This is why we can have nice things. In quantity. I love e2.

Where’s the shitty shit? All I see is cool shit in that video.

I was wondering the same. I saw no shit here.

very cool man!! nice job

i was once playing on an rp server with you when you spawned that chance game thing

Thanks guys, does sound a bit like false modesty but everytime I build something, I’m really happy with it… then like a few weeks later I look through my stuff and go ‘derp omg ive built nothing good’

Anyway, thanks for the comments :smiley:

I agree, it’s hard for me to impress myself with my work. My adv. dupe folder is full of cars and only some of them are actually good IMO.

I do that usually before I even get halfway through something. That being said, I’m disappointed! I wanted shitty stuff, so we could say something bad and have lots of contraption drama…and this is all cool…and better than my stuff…:saddowns:
Brb gotta :suicide:

I must be one of the worst builders around here, and yet you dare to say that you build a bunch of crap?

lol u suk

My eyes are strained from looking for the suggested shit. I think I saw a spec on the ground at 1:30. Do I win?