"Some of the content you're shipping is either not ready, or has been deleted" problem.

This might have been solved, but the only result on google was the original toybox content thread and the issue was not solved there.

Basically I upload my map and the vtf & vmt for the map icon. And the vtf won’t display as the content is apparently not ready… Its definately there and I’ve selected it for my map.

It wont let me make it live because of that. With a previous model upload I had a similar problem, but it fixed itself in a matter of hours. Does toybox just need to process the file, because it never took this long with another (and bigger) map I uploaded before.

Any help appreciated!

ToyBox always needs to process the files. It will always do this. The time it takes to do it varies.

Cheers it works now, toybox must have been busy and therefore the processing was slow.