Some old screenshots (lots of semi large images)

Digging around through my folder I found several not so terrible pictures to put up here.
None are photoshopped that I know of, and I do love DOF :smiley:

These last 3 were part of a movie I never finished, all posed.

And yeah that’s about it. I have more but they aren’t as cool I don’t think.

What map is the church from?

Most are artistic, excellent job. But could have used more editing :stuck_out_tongue:

ZUHHHHH a very abstract map made by nipper but it will crash gmod nowadays

eh I’d edit but I don’t really have much artistic knowledge. I just messed with shadows and DOF for most of these. I’m okay at posing too.

A couple of these are decent, most are boring.


Yeah I like the boring look in source. I try to look for the coolness already made in the map rather than adding to it, and just making cool shadows or lighting around it. I love the shadows in source.

Why? They’re really basic and out-of-date.

I try and make the out of date look good :slight_smile: