Some old shack model.

So Basically I was making it for my map.
But I decided I will share it with people :stuck_out_tongue:
So feel free to use it in your maps, or other stuff.
It has 1k polygons.
So not laggy.

It has quite good collision model.
The broken hole you see in wall has collision model so you can throw stuff through it.
The side where some wood planks are broken off don’t have collision model, so you can’t shoot through it.
It has a little stands under it, I made them to be like 2 ways of using it.
1 could be on stands other - put stands underground and it will be on ground :stuck_out_tongue:
If you use it in your map please credit me for it.
All materials taken from cgtextures.

Here are screenshots:

Just in gmod:

In usage:

And here is download offcourse:

can you not just release the broken wood model? then we could make our own using brushes

Well it’s actually big difference to have a single model or like 30 bruhes.
Model gives less lag :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks kinda useful, have a wrench.

Nice work, great for somthing like post-apocalyptic maps.

This is great! Downloading now!

thats pretty nice