Some one is asking me to download a file for them

Some one on DA(DeviantArt) is asking me to download a file for them. Should I help that person and download the file for them? They don’t seem to own Garry’s Mod, and I’m too fat and lazy to sign into Steam and download the file for them. And I barely know the user, besides that he favorites some of my stuff sometimes.

if he cant login to garrysmod and get the file he doesnt deserve to have it

I wouldn’t, especially if i don’t know the person well. If he needs you to download it for him, then he has a cracked version and does not deserve it.

No, don’t. Tell him to buy the game if we wants it that bad.

Just tell him you will in a minute and cease contact with him forever.

Ok I won’t give him it. I’ll just move on and ignore then.

None cares,give it to him.

Way to bump almost month old threads.

And on topic, we do care. If he needs someone else to download it for him and giving it to him would be supporting piracy, something we don’t do here.