Some operators walking out of the brush.

Just messing around with some props

C&C and edits would be nice.

The skins look a little too green to me. Looks like you need to take some of the colour of them, make it a little more grey.

Holy shit! You’re back! Where have you been?!

It’s nice to know I’m loved… and hated.

I was on “vacation” in Normandy.


My first edit in two weeks:

Hoolllleee shhhheeeeiiiitttttt chesty that’s awesome.

We missed you :3:

Oh well, it’s nice to see that you’re back.

[EPICRAEG!]gun butts clipping and held against biceps! WHY does everyone do it?[/EPICRAEG!]

Other than that, the picture’s great. the models are a bit too solid green, maybe, but it’s a very nice picture, and the posing is good and all.

The night edit kicks ass!

added my edit to OP

What the… that’s not even OD green. It’s like some really weird green.

I’m trying again these things come up darker in source :confused:

Chesty’s back!!

…I missed you. :3:


You sure you don’t mean Operatives?

“Your call is important to us, please hold while we shoot you.”


If your having problems with darkness when you take the screen use colod mod’s brightness at .3 or whatever you see fit, then use auto-contrast on PS to make it alot better.
Cool pic, are they duplicated? I’m only seeing differences on the hands.

No my duplicator is borked. they were indvidually posed.
also my graphics card does not support color mod.
No unless we’re talking SPAAAAHHHSSS

Nice edit you have tthere

That’s surprising how you transformed a really low res DX8 picture into a good picture using photoshop. :smiley:

I have DX9 I just can’t render normals…

Not enough brown for this generation :mad:

Awesome stuff