Some OPFORs in Seberia.



The gun and grenades sorta stick out a lot.

Because they ain’t white. :confused:

Agree, so I’ll edit the texture :slight_smile:

Would a person actually hold their gun like that (The person on the right)?

Snow is really badly done =/

The guns/grenades really stand out as faulty.

The rest ish good.

Yes. It’s comfortable.

I really like how this looks. :slight_smile:

Those look cool, can’t really say much about the edit.

Did you actually do this to the texture or did you just desaturate?


Nice job misspelling Siberia

Mw2 :smiley:

when i saw the thread title i wasn’t sure if this was serbia or siberia
anyway, the grenades and guns stand out a little too much

I think the guns and grenades stand out nicely. It adds a look of threat to the picture by the way they seem to be highlighted. Same with the goggles, in my eyes it flaunts their perception in the bad weather.


Why are crazy arab dudes in Siberia? BTW, you did spell that wrong, it’s sIberia…

Look’s like Spetznaz or the ever so snazzy “Arctic Avengers”.

Where in anywhere did he say anything about crazy arab dudes

technically they’re always op-for
the spetsnaz textures are even named opfor_sp_col.
btw op -for means opposing force.
so any hostile force not flying a countries flag will be called this.

This looks great! The snowstorm could use some work but thats trivial!

if that was replying to me, I’m just wondering why he thinks these guys are arabs… that actually sounds pretty frigging racist if you ask me

he probably thinks opfor means muslim or something

Reminds me of the COD 5 trailer. Opposing Forces are not always muslim.