Some Optimisation updates maby?

I used to be able to play rust with some lag but play it, but now after all that updating it lags very hard for me, (i’m using lowest everything, have config with everything false so don’t tell me to lower my everything.) so maybe it’s the time for some more optimisation updates? (new sky did not helped me).

Any update would be nice!!! It seems they have slowed way down on progress

Yeah it seems so

it sounds like you just said that you used to play with some lag and no after all the updates you have no lag. So it sounds like you got a performance increase… which would mean some optimization took place. The last patch was mostly about optimization with the sky etc. I think you guy’s are getting a little impatient. Asking for a new patch with significant changes every week is absurd.

No i said that i used to have some lag and after few weeks or maybe month of updating i got terrible fps and also ping increased. I’m sorry if i wasn’t clear english is not my main language.

I dunno, it’s working great for me on a few different PC’s…heres what I’ve got…

Intel i7 975 and a GTX 680 - runs at 60FPS @ 5760X1200
Intel i7 920 and a GTX 260 - runs at 60FPS @ 1920X1080
Intel i7 3610Q and a GTX 660M - runs at 45FPS @ 1920X1080
Intel i7 3620Q and a GTX 750M - runs at 45FPS @ 1920X1080

So I’m pretty much getting great frame rates on 6 year old hardware and laptops. The only console command I use is turning grass off and I always lower my quality settings to the minimum. Not because I need to but because it makes it easier to see and with them turned up I’m at a disadvantage.

Whoa now, that 260 is a little old but the rest of that hardware is still current, and no more than 3 years old. All that’s showing is if you have the money to buy a recent computer then you’ll be fine. That’s all stuff that makes budget gamers drool, so be happy.

That being said I run this at an average of 45 frames @ 1440X900 on max graphics with:
Core 2 Duo E8400, 6GB DDR2, and a GTX650 2GB.
That sir, is a budget computer.

Well i use msi cx 605 laptop which have 4gb ram Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor, Graphics ATI® Mobility Radeon HD5470 and it lags like sh*t.

After the new sky patch hit, the only needed optimizations for the forseeable future is to get rid of the stuttering.

While I understand that people want to play rust with a cheap laptop or ultrabook, thatlevel of optimization is far into the future.

Sorry bud but that’s a very low end C2D processor, mid range DDR2, and a terrible GPU.

Premature optimization is the root of all suffering and pain in this world.

I know that my laptop is not the best but i’m still studying and don’t have a job so i can’t buy myself a new better one so i would really like some help from facepunch side here. Optimisation would save me, btw it lags for me then i move and buildings are being rendered. If i play in servers with no constructions builded in server i don’t have lag and i know that it’s not just for me . Facepunch need to work on that.

I created this thread so all of us would vote and facepunch would see for how many of us game is unplayable at the moment.

I feel like they just put out an optimization update? Remember that new sky? Work on content.

I disagree, I would rather a smooth running game before they add all kinds of stuff. Easier to work with a smooth running machine before adding parts to it…

<edit: By that I mean all-around optimization. If you have a crap computer, no matter what they do, it’s going to run like crap>

People prefer a lot of things in order of importance to themselves. In my opinion I’d like to see an optimized engine so that a server doesn’t die at 50,000 objects, and better netcode. That’s unlikely to happen anytime soon though.

They should make it more demanding for pc, not the opposite.

That would be a dumb business decision, to alienate people that cannot afford higher tier computers… But on the same note, if someone has a low-end computer, they really don’t have any grounds to complain about it.

I’m all for them optimizing the game as they surly will as time goes by anyways since this is only an alpha game but I for one have no issues running the game maxed out. Plays very well.

Oh my god i can’t believe that most of people voted against optimisation, it feels like they don’t want more competition in game or just tries to please Facepunch by not asking to do any progress in game development.

You’re playing an alpha game that is going to constantly be evolving with new content. New content is going to effect optimization in one way or another. Stopping after every individual change to figure out some optimizations is going to slow development a ton, versus the traditional way of building a game and optimizing/polishing as final steps.

Most people understand my point above… Optimization is a final step, not something to do after every little thing (it can actually make optimization much more difficult doing it that way).

Optimization isn’t a matter of simply pressing a button and it happening.