Some other crap I made.

Well you all remember me all I build is stuff like this so let’s GELLON with it.

They are all fairly new and nearly all of them are over 300 props.

Picture time.

Freak Out, has a lowering platform, motor cut off switch

Real thing:

Here’s some more stuff.

Extreme, this ride has two motions and the gondola’s are able to go to a maximum of over 90 degrees at full outage.

It’s very fast and makes your eyes stuggle when riding on it in game.

Inversion 12

This ride is the successor to my Freak Out version, it has a standard 3 gondola unit located at the bottom, the seating units themselves are also able to spin.

This ride can do a full 360 degree loop while maintaining a standard gondola speed of 15RPM.

Only one image :L.

Real thing:

Then there is the Booster, this ride uses working hydraulic restraints and movable platform steps.

I tried to make it look like the real thing as much as possible, here’s a picture of the real thing.

Next is the Frisbee, a large, circular spinning disc attached to a pendulum. This ride is large and is recommend to spawn on a server where a lot of shit ISN’T going on. Because people WILL RSO.


Real thing:


None of these even use E2 and only use a small bit of wire… if you want to ride them I’m usually at Unsmart’s Build Server, messin’ around with them so if you wanna try them out join that server and see if I’m there.

Well done on these, fellow.

I swear you’ve cornered the market on these - I’ve never seen anything like them.

These look great, but the bright colors really contrast to the dark colors of the maps.

I want a ride… :frowning:

No matter how many of these you post, they never look alike. I love your rides. They’re always awesome. Good job.

This stuff is awesome - also awesome rope writing :v:

Call me retarded, but…was your other account banned or something or did I just stumble upon a carnie ride genius?

he got loads of alts

Thanks guys, I intend to make the colours darker so they fit with darker maps more.


The Extreme suffered a problem where one of the gondola’s broke off due to the motors force limit being exceeded. It has a force limit of 10 which means the ride can’t operate at more than 20RPM, it broke off and smashed into a wall @ Freespace06.

Good lord, I hope no one was hurt. Pretty awesome shit.

Here, have an optimistic

Those look awesome! Fantastic rides. I welcome relief from most of the “rides” minges build in servers, where they rope thrusters to plates

some sexy rides you got there

@Balto I hate the minges like that too :S. Once I had a guy that was attaching like 500 explosive barrels with ropes to a seat then setting it off and calling it a “Rocket”… Lagged so bad. He also wouldn’t shut up :S.

On topic, looks awesome. I’m on vacation right now so I can’t try it out or anything :frowning: but when I get back I’ll try to find you and try’em out. They look great though.

I hate the people that think attaching a wooden pole to two supports, and adding a seat is what they call a “ride”, it’s not. It’s a peice of shit, that’s why my rides are different.