"Some people call me hostile, though myself, I consider classy."

I know the neck guts don’t look like neck guts… but I tried, anyone got any hints for stuff like that?


*I realize his right arm is different from the suit, it’s his cutting arm… So he wear’s “protection” over it I guess you could say.

is that dude lucifer


The lighting is brilliant


more of a character of “The ‘Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run’:”




He’d decapitate the heads, let the blood drain out, and place them around the Kingsbury Run. I think it happened through 1930-1940’s, pretty gruesome.

Reminds me of American Psycho.

You’ve sparked my interest in that movie, I shall watch it.

This guy, how can you not know Dexter?

I forgot the name, I know who he is now. Haven’t watched since Season 1&2, heard the rest were crap so never bothered. I did like his so called “Dark passenger” when he was at work he would look up people that he’d kill, etc etc.

Though I don’t think this has any correlation to the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run

The picture just reminded me of one of the Dexter episode. Dead body, cold face, that protective helmet and a cold weapon :smiley:

Fair enough, I see the resemblance.

Syntax of the title doesn’t make any sense.

I’m glad you commented.

There’s such thing as “neck guts”?

Depending yes, if the head is fully decapitated with a tool that is unique to doing so without struggle, normally it would be clean. Although, with a rusty chainsaw knife… thing, that is holding the incision on the neck and well, the rest is somewhat… Scrambled.

So I guess you could say, “Scrambled Neck Guts” :stuck_out_tongue: