Some people can't connect to my server.

Well, I’ve been running my Gmod server for a while and now some people cannot connect to it, but some people can. The people that can’t connect get a time out error or whatever, it doesn’t work or something. One of my super admins who has RCon access is one of the people that can’t connect and she can’t use HLSW to rcon my server. It doesn’t respond, but when I go to look at the console for the server it shows that her IP is doing something with HLSW, but for her it’s not working. While some people can connect to my server. I don’t know why it isn’t working.

I don’t know what else ya’ll need. Just ask.

Also, all ports forwarded and the server is in DMZ.

Well, make sure no programs are using ANY ports. If there isn’t a program, make sure your IP didn’t change. And if still nothing, something is wrong with your srcds…

Checked all of them. First one doesn’t even make any sense, and besides, most people can connect.

hey kybe hey i joined ur server its quite fun :smiley: