(some) people crash when they join my server.

I dont know why but when some people connect and get in the sever, it show them in for about 2 seconds and they crash, they told me they are able to play on other servers fine but not my server. These people that are experiencing problems with connecting to my servers have been playing fine in the past but all of a sudden cant play on it anymore, if you can help that would be nice.

Are you getting any errors in the console? If they are effecting clients then they should be yellow errors.

I feel like I know the issue, but I don’t know the fix.
There have been a few reports like this recently. (to name one)

Can you get someone to upload their crashdump? I need to know if my suspicion is correct

Riki contacted me.

I was able to get into the server fine, but your fastdl system is so messed up lol :v: