Some pics i Maked: Wrath`s 3 Kill

Go TO 1:10 For more Effect :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont no how to make blood so i tried by myself :wink:
And i think i did to much blur i dont really know.
BUt i am new On this so hope you like them…

I think Wrath Just needed a Hug :slight_smile:
what do you think?

CC <333

The blood looks as it is copy and pasted.

Hm, but i maked it by myself

Well, that’s an ancient method.


yar dich muna mosto!!!


That blood made me laugh my ass off, thanks. :"")
Anyway jpeg_quality 10, try to work on your editing, doesn’t look good at all right now. Posing is very nice.

Ok :confused:

Where did you learn English?
What is this “Maked” you speak of?

Anyways, pics look great besides the blood.

I beg your pardon, a huge what?


This pictured you maked can okay.

sorry guys I’m not so good in English.

but can you guys just tell me whats good or bad with the pictures so i can start working on it

Very nice posing.

Good posing, work on the blood.

Är du svensk? :3:

Anyways, the pictures are okay. Work some on the blood, and don’t rape the contrast so much.

I generally like them, some lighting on a few pictures would help. The motion blur is too big on the punching one and I am not a fan of the editing, but the posing is solid.

(Är du svensk?) ??

Ok Thanks :slight_smile:

Självklart är jag svensk :smug:

Isn’t the native speaking a reason to ban ?