Some pics of my place

Here are some pics of my place i made on my server using the build mod.

It looks very cool and creative, but not that raid proof im affraid.

Not everyone cares about how raid proof a base is. Every base can be raided anyway so Why not have a cool place to live for a while

that map…

Thanx the upstairs has nothing in it. its just for show. The cave below is 2 layers of armored walls and turrets.

Since we are not playing the sims i do think its important yes that he can enjoy and defend his creations

Until a large clan shows up and blows it to shit so why bother worrying too much about it. Doesn’t take long to rebuild somewhere else, there are plenty of servers out there that dont have massive numbers of KOS raiding assholes on them where people can build nice looking structures that actually last more than a night. My point was not everyone plays on servers where might is right all the time