Some pictures that didn't deserve threads.[/media]

Needed something to do while I waited for results on my mothers tumor. Benign thank god.


Wait what…Why did you post a picture?

I don’t get you, 'Sober.


I know it’s probably not my place to say this, but from what I’ve been viewing in the Perskins thread, Muffinman is trying to get C&C.

Also I like the Spy Backstabbing Heavy picture the most.


Just make a fucking thread for it, don’t thread steal. That’s 30x worse.

As long as you like, you know, LISTEN to C&C, you’ll do fine. Don’t be so paranoid about it.

Congrats on the tumor being benign.
Man Sober, I remember when everyone was raging about the quality of your screenshots. You have improved greatly.
Also, you know they have a thread for these things right?

Yeah but I wanted some C&C. Thanks btw.

Great picture and great news about your mother. I can’t imagine how scary it must be to wait for the results.

It was pretty shitty. If it was cancer it would’ve been fatal, and there was around a 30% chance of it.

Thought this was a “Post yours” thread

Well edit it out then.!