Some Pirate plays the guitar at black mesa

[sp]The original photo was taken at Gm_construct but i just cut this dude out and put him in Black Mesa, as Gm_construct is such an ugly map :P[/sp]

Yarrgh matey!!
You are a pirate!

Wow that isolation is great.

I did not lol.

If this is not a troll pose then,

Finger pose more, and turn down the expression amount on the face.

He’s a pirate. All pirates have a massive smile when they are playing an acoustic guitar inside ruins of a research laboratory.

Pretty good cutout, But I can see some issues with it. Look under hid right arm, the red background is still there. His right arm also has a red outline at some parts.

Oh yeah, i see it, thanks for the Constructive Critisism. Oh a backslash, is that sarcasm? :stuck_out_tongue:

No. I was serious :frowning:


btw what’s an Isolation? You mean cut-out or…??

Wow this is so random and great. I love it.

Reminds me of those ads.

That guitar’s neck looks all messed up. It’s probably just the angle.

Good isolation, looks as if he’s really in the map.

Thanks everyone! Now give the pic good ratings! Cos I r a fagut hoo luvs posetiv ratins

nice pirate

How 'bout some C&C guys?

It’s wierd. Just wierd.

Just random randomness that’s random.

Not too funny either I’m afraid. And there’s a pixel or two of gm_construct left around the hat.