Some playermodels on my TTT server not animating

I’ve got a handful of custom playermodels on the pointshop of my TTT server. Most of them are working with a few exceptions. 3 of my playermodels are stuck in the ‘T-pose’ or the default position, they don’t animate at all while moving or anything else. The only exception is that they do animate when landing from a jump.

I’m relatively new to LUA, but not to programming in general. I’m still struggling with the whole way the client downloads work, but I’m getting there. Here’s the LUA autorun file from one of the broken models. Have I done something wrong here, do you need more info? Just to clarify, the models and textures load in fine, it’s just the animations!

I’ve spent a very long time googling and researching and can’t find anything to help, if you can point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful!

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Those models are ragdolls, not playermodels.
You can either:
Find a playermodel of the model you have
Rig the models bones (you’re on your own for that. I have no idea)

Thanks for the heads up on that! Looks like a few I’m trying to add are just ragdolls, but I spawned in Picard as an NPC in sandbox. Could it be that I’m adding the wrong files?

IIRC NPC’s use a different bone structure (though I could be wrong. I do know that they are in someway different however.)

Edit: If your models have a NPC and a Player Model then you wanna check that you’re using the actual player model files rather than the NPC’s

I see, so if they’re NPCs, there’s no way to make them into playermodels? Shame, it was a nice model!

Well you could make them into player models. I just don’t know how. Maybe you can make a request in the Modelling section.

Thanks for your help, I’ll give that a try!