Some players got crash at "Sending Client Infos"

So i got 2 french friends, witch are crashing together at the same point with the same crash dumps.

Everytime they reach “Sending client info”, just before the initial spawn on server, the game just closes without any error message. And they return to steam.

I asked them to get their crash dumps, and i packed them as a single RAR File.
Here is the link :

On some very old posts they was saying to put “vgui_allowhtml 0” ; the command has been deletd so…

In my own experiment with HL2 errors, it seams to be the TDMCars models that are not supported by my friends PCs.

I’m asking here, to have some more explanations and maybe a possibility to solve the issue… Because with this problem, they can’t enter my server, but same with many other Roleplay server, such as RLRP or big DarkRP’s servers.

So please help them. I posted in their names because they are not english, and they have a very low level in english ; they can’t align 2 words in english…

Thanks by advance,

Also nobody has any more informations about the crash… It’s sure that it’s not realy simple, because these friends can not speak here because of their speaking language.

Maybe garry can give more informations on why is it happening ? What exactly in the server is causing the crash ? Is there any solves ?
I’ve already got sometimes these types of problems (with my old laptop), but the only answer i got were “BUY A BETTER COMPUTER AND **** OFF”. It’s not realy sympathic to get answer like that, in the case that buying a gaming computer is realy expansive, and so many guys can’t afford that.

Myself, i got this problem. If i got a better PC, it’s at first time because i’m manager of SLDT (StoneLineDevTeam), also i got access to some less price venders. I bought my new computer (or server machine) only for SLDT and work, but i’m using it for many other things. In the past i’ve got an HP Pavillion laptop, i was using it, and of curse on some servers i got same crash reports from HL2.

I never got any answer, any informations to all thses questions i posted here. So i hope someone will bring new infos here someday.