Some players when connecting receiving the error: disconnect (reason not ret )


I've been running a server for about a month now and am aware of an error some players when connecting to my server are receiving. Some reason when connecting, they get "**Disconnect (Reason Not Ret)**".

       I have searched up this error but never been able to find the correct solution, I was hoping I could receive some assistance from you! Some reason, only SOME players are receiving this error and not all. Few people that get the "not ret" error but is as little problem.  Hope you can help me out!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

From what I read online this is more of a client side issue rather than an issue with your server. For your clients experiencing this issue, tell them to try verifying their game cache, hopefully it will fix it

Players just have to reconnect or verify their cache files. Also great darkrp server if you know me on it.

If you have QAC anti-cheat try disable kickforping or whatever that option is (I don’t have my PC near me). I had this issue and it was because of the anticheat, this may also apply to Ley anticheat although I’ve never used it.