Some Practice Poses

These are some practice poses i did these are raw and need to be edited
enjoy.:smile: P.S. its great to be back to facepunch

Sorry for the awkward hand/finger poses sorry.

Use in-game filters less and practice posing a little bit more and you should be fine for now.

The posing looks quite good. Be careful with the bloom and blood though. “Snow” bloom hardly ever makes a picture look good.

It also looks like .JPG quality may not be 100. Or it may be your AA, I’m not sure.

The only things I see wrong in these is that in the first pic, the guy in the middleground isn’t shouldering the rifle, and the filtering is real awkward - Why do the walls of all things have bloom? The models aren’t all that great either, and the weapons are stupidly high detail which makes them look like a pixelated mess. Other then that, it’s flawless.