Some prison guard fights zombies

If you took the time to pose the zombies in the background instead of using NPC’s then I think it would look much better.

man i don’t care how else would zombies stand

like gentlemen obviously

just joking, why use npcs instead of ragdoll’s anyway?

because they’re already in the pose i would have posed them in anyways

You blurred it to hell :frown:

The soldier is stiff as fuck.

he can be as stiff as he wants because he is robot

That Zombine has the most Shakespearean looking death I’ve ever seen. :stuck_out_tongue:


I like robots.

I am disapointecd I was expect a Corrections Officer fighting zombies clad in orange jumpsuits with County Corrections on the back. :frowning:

I like it.

damn son that blur on the soldier is to excessive