Some probably pretty simple server problems...

Well, there’s only really one big problem, but then another little one. The big one is that I have the server running, I can join it through the lan tab on the servers window, and my friend can see it in the friends tab. But it says the server isn’t responding for him. It says the same thing when I send him an invite. I’ve set up a server before on another comp, can’t remember if it ever worked (I think it did but that comp was so bad I couldn’t even join it b/c I timed out but my friends could), and I think I remember I had to forward the ports or something to fix this same problem, but I can’t remember for sure. So if anyone could help me with this I’d really appreciate it.

The other, small one is that the server is VAC secured, and I don’t want that. It’s just gonna be me and some friends, and I want us to be able to use noclip and impulse 101 and whatnot without being banned. So if anyone could tell me how to turn that off I’d also appreciate that.

First issue is port forwarding.
Second issue, add -insecure to your command line and cheats aren’t banable. Only aimbot DLL’s.

If cheats were bannable, valve wouldn’t have added it to the game.
Also, you can’t get banned from your own server unless you ban yourself.

You don’t get VAC banned from using cheat console commands, you get VAC banned when something tampers with the game’s memory.(i.e. hacks)