Some problems fixed since last post but now have new ones

Ok as you know I have had a few help topics but most of them are fixed (problem was my crappy graphics card)

No flashlight (fixed)
no underwater texture
Top texture is very transparent
Blood is still wire frame
vort scientist eyes are wire frame
vort zaps are wire framed
every time I change the dx level in my consol gmod freezes and then I have to restart my computer

You are you running a INTEL FUCKING GMA. THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TO UPGRADE. IF YOUR ON A CRAPTOP. YOU’RE FUCKED. Okay? Can we please make gmod a no launch for ANY Intel GMAs please.

All that means is that your pc is CRAP.

Ok I get the point my computer sucks no reason to be mean about it…

Ok, to fix this problem, open up your computer and cut the black wire. All of them.