Some problems/questions

Hi everyone i’ve just register but i’m always on this forum but today i’ve registered cause i’ve some problems/questions,

  1. Gmad and Gmpublish don’t work for me ( when i start nothing appear )

  2. I want to know how i can put a player model/weapon on the pointshop but when it’s a model from workshop …

  3. I can’t log in in … when i put my logs it’s don’t work :confused:

  4. Sorry for my very bad english i try to explain myself the more clearly i can ( i’m french ^^’ )

thank you very much for reading and thank you for your future answers :slight_smile:

This is not the right section but i’ll help you

1 / For gmad you need more files then just those you downloaded
Here are the Gmad Files

2 / Adding playermodels in the pointshop is just copy pasting other scripts and change some values(models)

3 / So not being able to log in to could be helped by using another brower also just look ahead somtimes steam support asks you to give a name to your browser then just type a random name in it like : “sm69baller” ; DD . Or your e-mail might not be Confirmed

4 / No problem

Regards sm69baller

hmmm thanks but i use an other browser and my email is confirmed and it’s don’t work :confused: