Some Problems When Recording W/ Source Recorder

Well, I’m making a “machinima”, and while making it, I came across some bugs:

  1. When I recorded the demo, physgun beams were disabled. However, when playing it back the physgun beams were there.

  2. Sometimes textures that normally appear fine in-game go all purple-checkered.

Are there any fixes for this?



I don’t know any fix, but, you can use Fraps.
If you want to make good quality, you should use Fraps.
Ask me if you want a… download shall we say.

WeGame is also an alternative to fraps, It also has no watermark. The only downside is that instead of a framerate counter it has a green box.

I have a download of fraps that is not… fully legal I shall say.

(User was banned for this post ("Warez" - Terrenteller))

Alright, I think I fixed it. Guess it was the codec causing this.

Changed the codec and now it work fine. The files are a tad large but there’s nothing VirtualDub can’t fix!