Some Problems with the Adv dupe.

well, gonna keep this short, the adv dupe wont load anything, have downloaded them and see them as “TXT” files but cannot load them. any ideas?


What dupe?

im useing the Advanced duplicator and just to try it out i downloaded 2 simple things, an “asgard” teleporter and a small UAV that someone has made… in the ADV Duplicator tool it says like:
“asgardteleporter.txt” and i dont know if that is how it is supposed to be but thats how far ive gotten with it,.

Same, I’m having issues with it too.

i have the same thing it say 80% then stops i even left it for 1hr it dun nothing any idears

they are spose 2 be txt files put them in ADV_duplicator

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