Some problems with this update ...


  • I used to play with 60 fps, now i have like 25.
  • You see all players naked, but some are full geared
  • Doors are locked but open or opposite (or invisible).
  • Wooden signs draws are deleted witouth any reason, when locked, randomly.
  • Dead bodies on rocks are unlootable

(Sorry for my english, kinda sucks)

Thanks if you do something about it @devs

Same problem here.

When I was on my server earlier today I noticed the chat by a couple of other players, one was getting scared by the other naked guy… except the other guy was actually fully geared.

I was doing a ton of signs around a building when I came around to the first one I made just to see it was cleared, I thought it was deleted or just not loaded, waited and nothing happened, so I decided to see if I could clear it and draw it up anew, just to see that I had still the drawing when trying to change it, had a friend to come check, just to have the same problem with not being able to see it, but being able to see it when trying to draw it.

Same here - I’m seeing a ton of players complaining about FPS drops and graphics glitches. I haven’t really seen anything major, but it seems that every terrain change brings a change in graphics performance.