Some Props and Ragdolls not appearing in GMod

Copypasta from another thread because I didn’t get any replies…I’d appreciate it if someone helped me, thank you!

Yeah I’m having a bit of an issue…
I downloaded two popular pokemon (I know, I’m a fag) packs with pokemon ragdolls inside, meowth ragdolls, and spy & sniper player models.
I unzipped them all and put them in my addons folder, but none of the above have appeared on GMod when I play single player.

Could anyone help me with this? Here are the links to the things I downloaded to get a better idea of my problem:

Also I checked the info.txt files and I still couldn’t figure out where to put em.

If they have info.txt files put the entire folder in:

Program Files/Steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons

I did, all of them, but they still don’t appear on Garry’s Mod. :frowning:

just keep trying it took me 6 times before i got a download on all in the addons folder just delete and redownload the items