Some props not appering in levels

Hello, I have been using HAMMER for a while and whenever I add small objects “benches tables and other small props” It doesnt apper in my level. [yes I have selected prop_physics or prop_static, neither work] But things like static trees appear. Any solutions?

try prop dynamic?

Above. And check for leaks. I think sometimes leaks cause props not to show (not %100 sure, don’t get pissy if I’m wrong.)

When you’re picking out props in the searcher, there’s a tab for skins and stuff, one of them tells you what types of prop the model can be.

Also check for leaks, I’ve heard that happens.

There is an unbelievable amount of questions already about these issues.

Quote from another thread, but may be relevant to yours.

I already know what it means, but that was very hard to follow.

You could make it a prop_dynamic_override if you really need it that way.

It’s not an easy thing to describe.