Some question about beta.

If i wait more the game price will increase?

And second one, if i buy it now i can play the new version i mean this one with better graphics and better things? xD

Probably, alphas are usually cheaper then the full games.

and yes, you can play either version.

Thanks you :smiley:

Early Access titles on the Steam Store typically don’t have price hikes when they go to full release. Planetary Annihilation charged a huge premium for the earliest stages of entry (to keep out the flood of idiots) and has been reducing it with every development phase milestone, going in the opposite direction.

It’s entirely possible that Rust may cost more than $19.99 when the Early Access tag comes off, and I don’t know how garry feels about it, but Facepunch is not struggling for cash, so he doesn’t need to jack up the price to make sure they keep the lights on or anything.