Some questions for newbies - Please answer!

I decided to compile this Questions and Answers (FAQs) for newbies, as I figure stuff out. Please help me answer some of these questions, and I will update this post as I get more information.

Questions and Answers (FAQs) for newbies

Is the Experimental world currently “liveable”? Can you find food, eat and remain alive?

The general consensus seems to be yes, but barely. Eating is still difficult. Wolf meat doesn’t cook, and cant be eaten raw. Chicken can be cooked*, but can’t be found anywhere. Currently only human meat can be eaten, as far as I am aware. (Please correct me if I’m wrong).*

Where to find food? I was told to “look for wolves in the forest”, but then I heard wolf meat doesn’t cook?

Currently it seems killing other humans is the only food source. (Please correct me if I’m wrong).

Do I need to drink, and if so, where do I find water?

Thirst quenchers aren’t in yet. Eating human meat does provide some thirst relief but not much, and going in water doesn’t help.

How do I build walls? (doors, stairs, etc)

Right-click on the foundations and then select “Wall plan”, (or “Wooden door plan”, “Stair plan”, etc), from the menu. This deploys the frame, which must them be hit with your hammer to complete. This costs 10x wood. You’ll need to build a foundation first; walls can only be built on foundation tiles, or on floor tiles that are supported by at least 1 wall.

When I die, I respawn in a different part of the world? Is there anyway to find my old cabin again?

If you manage to craft and deploy a sleeping bag, then you will always respawn by your sleeping bag. Put this inside your locked cabin to respawn in a safe place!

How do I craft a sleeping bag?

A sleeping bag requires 50x cloth, but as yet I still haven’t figured out how to get cloth… (please advise for you know).

I built and deployed a campfire, but couldn’t light it?

Currently, you don’t seem to be able to light campfires. You get a prompt “Open Fire”, but can’t select it. Apparently you have to add wood to the campfire’s “inventory” first, but I haven’t figured that out. (please advise for you got fires working).

Where do I find metal? I need metal to make most tools…

You can get iron ore by hitting interesting looking stones with your rock. This can in theory be smelted in your furnace to create metal, but it is unclear whether this works yet, (please advise).

Please add to this thread with more information. I will update this post as I get answers!

Thanks for your help!

  • Food isn’t in yet i think.
  • You can make metal by putting iron ore (which you get from hitting the rocks) in a furnace, but i don’t know if the action itself is in yet
  • No need for drinking, yet.
  • If you craft and deploy a sleeping bag you will respawn at the sleeping bag.
  • You need to put some wood in the campfire to be able to light it up.

Maybe you should just go and play some legacy. It’s a way more complete game and you will learn some of the basics over there. It will take a few more weeks (AT LEAST) until the experimental version will be close to the legacy version (gameplay wise).

  • only human meat can be eaten last i checked in;) chicken can be cooked, but since we no longer spawn with it, it can’t be found anywhere. wolf meat doesn’t cook, and cant be eaten raw.
  • i couldn’t get metal ore at all last time i was on, but presumably sehvi has been on more recently than me.
  • hatchet and pick seem to work, but unfortunately last time i was on the stone hatchet had no world model and didnt work.
  • no thirst quenchers per se. human meat gives some thirst releif, but not as much as it does for hunger. and no, swimming doesn’t help despite my greatest hopes;)
  • campfires had a glitched inventory for a bit,so you couldn’t add wood or food. think it was sorted last time i was on.

so long story short, it’s liveable, but just barely. if you can get a sleeping bag down, and kill humans to eat, you could survive. otherwise, wait a while for more features to be put in;)

it is liveable but a struggle. I did manage to build a furnace and get metal fragments, something I havent achieved before. Buildings work, bone knife works…

Thanks for your advice and help, sehvi, mrknifey and arion! I have updated this thread with your information, to keep a sort of running FAQ. I still haven’t found out how to get cloth to make a sleeping bag…

Liveable ? NO . no freely available water source Human uncooked flesh is best sometime replenishing your thirst but can poison you, animal meat is not edible ATM, tho apples are but only do hunger, tins do not work either.

Food is best from humans but apples do work, other food is not implemented yet.

water is not in yet and i have not found any in air drops /wolf offerings. (human meat does help)

Building plans Walls etc Reword from above “equip foundations then right click for building menu”

navigation Is possible with the use of sun/moon rise = east, sun/moon set = west, also i belive the stars are set and don’t move, and moss grows on the south face of rocks, use these and the mountains as waypoints to navigate by

sleeping bags work until a server reset sleeping bags and lock lose there ownerships when server restarts.

camp fires need wood to light you can also load the camp fire before you place it while it’s still in your inventory.

Metal Yes you get metal ore from only one type of rock atm, the rocks are different one type produces just rocks, one just sulfur, and one just metal ore, furnaces do work but 2 problems they do produce metal fragments but they do not stack so only get 1 frag at a time, 2 you can’t move the frags from furnace while it is cooking, this makes getting n=any large amount of frags a arduous task.

EDIT: Guns do not work either yet in these new builds. (since unity 5)

Many thanks Kulan, some valuable information there! I did not know about the apples, or about navigation using the sum / moon / moss. I still haven’t managed to get my camp fire to light, but I will experiment with trying to “load” wood.

I haven’t got as far as trying to make metal yet, still trying to get a sleeping bag and camp fire!

Finding Animals to get cloth is still a big problem. Often I run around for over an hour without seeing a single animal. Usually I manage to kill one or two, and then somebody kills me and I have to start over again!

as of yesterday animals now spawn everywhere on map. cloth is now abundant,

as for campfires you can’t preload them ATM found that out last night,

to light fire, place campfire on ground, look at campfire and press E (E button lets you interact with doors, furnace and loot people both live and dead),select open fire, move some wood into the inventory bar which has now opened above your normal inventory, Press tab to close UI, now press E again and select ignite fire.

hope that helps.