Some questions regarding fretta gamemodes

Hello there,

In order to open a second server for my website, I want to use fretta gamemodes to offer something new to my community.
But, I have a few questions about these gamemodes, especially about the voting system.

So, I installed some gamemodes using fretta, they work quite well, but I noticed that the vote to choose another gamemode is really fast, sometimes it only stays for a quarter of an hour. Can we reconfigure this or is it something linked with the actual gamemode(s) I run ?
Moreover, each time this voting window appears, there isn’t every gamemode I installed. I only have 4 : Ascenscion, Dogfight, TTT and Pedobear Escape (I installed this one). The other ones won’t prompt, such as gkart which works perfectly though !

These are my main 2 questions. Thanks for your answers,