Some questions

So I’m going to get a key in a few hours time when price drops…

I have some questions…
I watched video game play Let’s play Rust and stuff
And I learnt that there are glitches in walls,you cannot break walls or doors,you need a grenade or explosives
And some other bugs that I might not have remembered to state…

So maybe few months this later(which is now),it’s fixed ? I checked the home page about dev updates but somehow it just shows black screen(my browser side bug maybe?)

So if you’re free to help please reply :wink:

Umm,thanks? But where do I find the info I want ?Sorry if it’s stupid

At the bottom of the wiki there is information to the known bugs.

Oh,I see it!
“It appears the issue was fixed”
So it’s fixed,if you play,may I ask is that really fixed or improved ? :slight_smile: thanks