Some questions...

Hello, I have been wondering if we could still install the GMod 9 version for free? If not do there is a timed demo version I could get? (Like 3 hours and after you must buy Gmod).My friend got it and I wanted to test it out because I am actually really interested in buying it !

In addition, wich game do you need to run GMod? I only own CSS atm.

Thank you for your anwsers

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You own CS:S on your Steam account already, so all you would need to do is purchase Garry’s Mod for $10.

Ok so there is no demo version. Thanks for your fast anwser

GMod 9 Is and always will be free, as it is unsupported and is mostly empty.
GMod 10 Is what Benji is talking about, Its a much more feature-filled mod with a very large community.