Some questions

I want to make a gamemode wint zombies (a zombie defense gamemode).I want to add score which is gained by killing zombies in every round , and a shop from where is posible to buy weapons and upgrades (optional).I never coded in lua before and i need some help with learning and i dont know where i can find some good tutorials (not some very basic tutorials).
Sorry for bad english.

Well first do you know ANYTHING about gamemodes at all? I mean a lot of kids post here about how they are gonna go ahead and make a game, when all they really do is take something like roblox or fps creator. You could take a previous zombie gamemode and get some people to code exactly what you want.

I know the basic of the gamemodes.and i will dont take something like fps creator (i programed before in xna too , so i know some basic c# and some c++ too).I just dont know how to make all things with zombies. :expressionless:

Search for tutorials.