some quick ideas, prolly already posted about

  1. it’d be nice to loot sleepers without having to kill them

  2. plane night drops, lights on the wings perhaps, and the parachuted boxes have flares on them for seeing them at night

  3. The clouds at night that are messed up I thought were the northern lights, aurora borealis? Someone told me they are messed up clouds and will be fixed, which is nice because of my number 4, but it’d also be cool to have northern lights effects, or just leave the messed up clouds, add some more colors to them, and put in clouds that work.

  4. I love that the night gets pitch black so you can’t see. means that night is actually meaningful. The pitch darkness should correspond to the moon being out. Clouds obscure it and there is a period of pitch blackness. Perhaps moon cycles, with crescent, half and waxing/waning gibbus, and full and corresponding night visibility. Maybe the northern lights affect this too.

  5. writing number 4 just made me think that night vision goggles would be neat :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for reading, sorry for repetition, pardon ignorance,
Stalvaldr Skoggarstiga :dance: