Some quick ideas.

Just decided to dump some ideas here.

  1. Medkits should have different healing items in them so you can use it for different purposes, like you could store medication stuff such as rad pills, medical pens and bandages in them similar to how candle hats and mining hats store low grade fuel in them.
  2. With cars I think it would be cool to have semi trailers and road trains so you can transport massive amounts of resources, just imagine a convoy rolling down a road guarded by armed cars.
  3. When you spawn you should have nothing, not even a rock, and have to forage for one on the beach, and when your character respawns on the beach he/she should look like they just washed up on the beach rather than randomly sleeping there.
  4. Make some kind of vehicle attachment that cuts down trees so we have a way to collect wood like we do oil and ore from other rigs this could be like a repurposed garbage bin collector with chainsaws or something attached.
  5. Make quarries more logical, such as being bigger and actually having a hole under it rather than magically lifting ore buckets out of the ground.
  6. Some kind of player made road so we can have a path cleared for cars to pass on, if people use these for reliability of travel this also opens up opportunities to sabotage people’s trade and resource shipments. It would also be good to have gateways for passing through the high external walls kinda like legacy gates but wider.

Very Good idea hahah lol :goodjob:

All this added stuff this equipment content is making the game less survival and more industrial…

Pretty sure it’s still survival, and thane aim really is to thrive and rebuild society even if it’s ends up violent.

I am pretty sure the goal is to be the biggest ass hole on the server

Nail on the head