Some ragdolls becomes a prop_physics!

Hi everyone! Help me, please

Ellis in this picture is a prop_physics that has no bones. And some other ragdolls have same problem.
But he has a faceposing and eyeposing. Jeez, I don’t know what’s wrong with it.

I have a Steam-version of game, Windows 10, and I living in Russia.

Thank you in advance

Yes, sure

I will add here the paths some other models that don’t work too

models/player/spike/female2.mdl - girl from “GTA Online random skins” addon

My guess is some addon is doing this. Those models work fine for me, tested with the L4D Day One model pack from workshop.

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Or whatever you do to the ragdoll does this.

I removed ALL addons, and install only L4D ragdolls. Same.
Origins Zoey and Zoey’s Bodygroup also has that problem

Look, what I found
MDLCache: survivorx/survivor_TeenAngst2.mdl uses a different model version to the engine (got 49, expected 48)