Some random LUA problem. NEED HELP!

Everytime i play SP or MP in any gamemode and i walk or run, this shows up

:1: bad argument #1 to 'RunString' (string expected, got no value)

This started yesterday after i went some server and gamemode was DarkRP_V4. I think it’s because of that file. Help?
I reinstalled my game and defragmented my game cache. No luck. Also i didn’t find DarkRP anywhere. SHIT!

I’m getting this too in sandbox on 3 different servers.
My copy of Simple Prop Protection went wacky around the same time.

(I frequently host a listen server as well as play on ded’s, so I have ULX+ULIB, SimplePP and other serverside stuff in my addons folder)

I suspect there’s a conflict in version between the clientside half of something and the serverside half of something…not sure what though. All my stuff that is updated by SVN (wire, wire model pack, adv dup, pcmod2, simplepp, maybe something else too, but not ULX) is current.

I never played on a DarkRP (or anything other than sandbox) server before it happened. I updated everything by SVN and it happened the next time I played. I think wire was the only thing to take an update so it may be the cause, but I’m not sure if it was only wire that got updated. I have been having miserable problems with wire text screens, lights and sound emitters on varying servers lately.

Edit: FWIW other people I’ve played with in the last 2 days report similar things and just say “I’ll reinstall the game later or something” instead of taking the sensible approach and trying to actually fix it.

I fixed it! I deleted “cfg” folder everything got fixed! You can try it too ^^

Definitely got rid of the errors - thanks!

As a consequence all my controls got defaulted but those are easy enough to put back. Perhaps a bit more bothersome than normal when you’re using a custom modified keyboard but “it could be worse”.

No problem. :smile: Lol, i asked for help and i gave help for other guy instead. :biggrin: