Some random Marketing Director's opinion

(Picked Rant icon because i didnt really see another that fit the bill, this is not however a Rant, it is an opinion)


Firstly i’d like to say I do not care if you dislike, like, ignore, TL:DR it etc. My view, and opinion ( there are thousands written on the forums everyday here so I’d say im intitled to one, being a supporter and buyer).

IRL I am a Marketing director (not gaming industry), and although in different areas, the validity of my opinion still stands and as such I direct this post to the Dev’s, and even Mods of this Forum:

You are failing.

Its that simple.

You came up with a good idea (even if not new) and made something out of it, and made it stand out in todays gaming world that isn’t really that simple, especially if you are using a theme already done thousands of times like survival.

Here is were you F*cked up:

The current problem with DDOS ( or whatever it is, reading other posts about it some ppl will say it is DDOS others that is just an exploit of Ulink etc), or simply put, the “downtime” of the servers and te hacking, although bad in itself, I find it hard to believe and quite frankly it frustrates me that little to no action has been taken to appease the players, the public, the people that eventually will decide if this game thrives or not. Ever heard the saying “In the multitude of people is the dignity of the king: and in the small number of the people the dishonour of the prince.” King being the game, prince being the Dev(s).

Even if all hell is breaking lose you need to keep the people well informed and motivated and although I know info is being released in Twitter and Facebook, I feel that more could be done. Simple example:
The current downtime in servers is killing the WANT to play this game badly, now top it off with the rise of hacks and you got a = “I shouldnt have buyed this game f*ck this.” recipe.

Anyway I won’t drag on, just wanted to share an opinion and my 2 cents. When it comes down to it, i bought the game knowing fully what I was getting myself into, as I have done before in indies and many other alphas before in my long journey of Indie support etc. Just saying, see where you can make things easier for the players at the moment.

Sorry for the long post.

Thanks. The game is in alpha.