Some random TF2 epicness and more.

Here’s some of my random screenshots that I made while I was bored and waiting for Garry to fix his damn game so I could play the Team Fortress gamemode.

My first edited image EVER.

The Demoman’s final form.

I fucking hate Pyros.

Something random I made one day. Do not ask me where I got the models.

Here’s a preview image of a wallpaper I made. (The real version is several times larger and is a PNG)

Since you said you wanted some criticism, I’ll have a go.

As I already mentioned, you’re using the default phys for TF2 ragdolls. They’re very hard to pose properly, which is why everybody uses Nexus’ enhanced phys. While you managed to get a good pose on both Soldiers, the pyro and the heavy, the spy looks really awkward and the scout is really odd - there doesn’t seem to be a way for him to jump up like that. In addition, don’t use emitters, they’re not exactly made for posing purposes.

Other than that, your poses are pretty well done for using the default phys and the editing is good too. You’re off to a pretty good start.

I look forward to more of your work.

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Also, non-TF2 maps are generally not very good for TF2 poses, obviously. I know TF2 maps crash in gmod right now, but ctf maps still work.

Going to get the physmodels today; I took the original shots before it was suggested and it crossed my mind a couple times while posing the “I Hate Pyros” pic. I found them in my screenshot folder and decided to make them look 20% more awesome with GIMP.

I never used emitters; the Scout’s jump trail thingie was a rope with xbeam texture, but in retrospect I should have used a particle system emitter to make dust clouds, suggesting the Scout’s use of a double jump. I have another pic I never got around to editing of non-TF2 proportions and involves whacking a Combine in the face.

Finally, I’ll see if I can get a CTF map to work to use. But how would I have done “I Hate Pyros” on a TF2 map? What TF2 map has a bottomless pit / extremely tall and accessible building?

By the way, how would I add effects without using an effect emitter? This would definitely be a valid problem since I use Super DoF because I’m lazy.

And the Pyro was a bitch only in the first pic – s/he strangely complied in the other pic.

Use GIMP, you could find many tutorials on creating dust/beam effects.

All the time, my friend. But I cannot accurately create effects while mirroring the Super DoF applied.

I think you got the bloom/color effects really well done in the first 3 pics, you should zoom in with the camera more though and take a couple of steps back, adds a nicer frame effect

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