Some random unedited pics I took. (Feel free to edit any of them and post)

Feel free to edit any of these.

Marines in the desert.

Soldier providing cover while his buddy jumps down.

Combine sniper doing his job while spotter is somewhere else.

Russian rebel guards the street with a mounted m60.

M590 and M4.

CT sits on a ledge.

M590 and M4(Angle 2).

Random Ct in a destroyed tunnel.

All pretty good. Doubt any need any editing.

Maybe not, but editing can make everything look better.


I edited one.

That’s a bit too much grain :expressionless:

The M60.

Where did you get it?

This one guy Ported and M60 off of SOF2 with a ragdolled bipod and ragdolled ammo belt. I doubt the thread even exists anymore. Look up a user named puppeteer or something like that.

Holy shit these are awesome goddamn

I like most of em sept for the ones with just guns.

Well since you asked so nicely:

Appropriate music:

NO.This is appropriate

nope, still wrong… now this is!

… sorry

they are nice, but for some reason I don’t like it without editing.


May he Snipe all other songs trying to get number one.

something I did to test out filters… looks kinda realistic doesn’t it?

They are all pretty nice shots mate, The random weapons are strange but nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Gunna give you a nice artistic.

fuck no

Thats really nice o.o