Some Ranger arriving in a Metro

Cool FPS view. Kinda empty picture in places though and could use some shading on the mask and hands.

Too blurry for my taste.

A bit to blurry, the gasmask is clipping through his hand. Otherwise it’s not bad from what it looks, the blur kinda blocks the details.

nick on the stand doesn’t really fit in, also doesn’t look like he’s just come in through a radiation filled russia because it heads straight intot he market and one last thing theres a guy sat wearing a gas mask. not too shabby though…

Metro 2033 inspired?

You betcha’.

best game ever i loved it

The book is better.

yea im sure it is ill have to read it sometime but i hate reading D:

nice first person!

I’m on Chapter 13 in the book.
Fucking scary readings.