Some recent stuff: '87 Samurai, Typhoon MBT, ACF powered copter, & a muscle car!

I finally uploaded some videos of some of my major stuff over the last month:

'87 Suzuki Samurai:
-Powered by ACF
-Extremely capable
-Joystick mod controlled
-Thank god for AD2
-It’s purple[/t]

'68 Akare Runt GT (fictional):
-My only muscle car
-Eats tires
-Has a horn



XKE92A1 “Typhoon” Main Battle Tank:

-It’s not a T90
-Powered by two 20L inline 6 diesels
-Very capable in mobility and firepower



ACF powered coaxial helicopter concept:

-It flies
-It’s powered by an acf engine and fin


I remember seeing some of these in the WiP thread. As I said back then, awesome job. I especially love the Runt. Just those looks… mmmm.

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Also I love the concept of an ACF powered helicopter. Shows what those engines can really be used for.

yeah. I committed some 1 speed gearboxes to the svn, will be very useful for aircraft and boat uses.

omg waht is dis?! :SSS n00b put weelz on modelz

So, with the Samurai, I noticed it had some difficulty with some of the obstacles you tried to climb. Did you have trouble installing a really slow gear? I know ACF gearboxes have trouble with low speed gears.

it’s more like the thing stalls; that version i recorded was the wasd version, and not the gamepad controlled one, of which i have analog clutch control with.

and yes, extremely low gearing often spazzes

all of these are nice.

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am curious how much armor did you pack into that tank?

The Suzuki seems to handle and drive exceptionally well, great work.

In my opinion I would dedicate more time to make the WASD version drive a little better for the Suzuki.

92mm hull, 250mm turret