Some REDs inspecting a creepy basement

Nice, I don’t have much else to say but I think the soldier needs a helmet.

Keep making good poses.

Scout gun silencer…

The weird thing is,he had an helmet,it just kept disappearing when i was looking through the camera
somehow,depending on the angle,hats were disappearing

All we need is a dog, and you’ve got Scooby Fortress.

Superb posing and face-posing but the camera angle leaves quite a bit of empty space on the left.


Aye. Doesn’t make for a masterpiece of a wallpaper, but good enough.

I love the look on the Heavy’s face

Love the dumbfounded look of awe on the demo’s face, have a funny

Love the posing.

Scout’s silencer is huge, Demo is perfect, Heavy’s faceposing is awesome, and Soldier looks like Buzz Lightyear.

And a creepy old man who for some reason owns the abandoned base