Some request idea's.

I know how hard it is to port stuff but if some one had the willpower and the time to i would like to see some one port many of the model’s from skyrim and oblivion. RAGE mite be a good one to work on seeing as there is zero model’s for that and Serious Sam 3. Hope i gave some one some idea’s.

You honestly haven’t given anyone any ideas. These games have been out for a while. If people wanted to port/rip from them, it would have happened by now. You’re not the first person to request from those games.

On the other hand, there are the people that are still working on it.

Also, requests go in the Models/Skins Requests section.

It was just some thing’s i had on my mind that i don’t see much of and i just started on his webpage im still learning how to work it

That’s a lot of incorrect use of apostrophe.

Rage uses 4 massive textures which contain all the textures in the game, the reason no one has ported from it is cause of that reason. there are tools to get the models but the textures are a problem.

Ah well that is a really big problem well now i understand that.