Some requests.

Hello again,

I’ve been trying to use the Lich King soundfiles from world of warcraft with SFM, and noticed that soldier would fit best with that. But could anybody try to port / make a model of Arthas, or at least the helm of domination for GMod or SFM?

I’d be grateful. If you need any reference pictures, just reply.


Since nobody is answering, I’ll just add the reference here. Feel free to model it if you want to.

If you can get someone to port it from this mod, that might be your only chance

Asked. Gonna see if I could get an answer of 'em.

What you were asking in the other thread isn’t going to do a thing for you since it wasn’t a request thread. Also, it just so happens that I use the mod that keybladebearer linked you to. After I’m done with the SC2 models and textures I am converting in the other thread, I will see about getting this done when I can. I can probably get started on this some time next Friday, so just be patient for now.

Oh god

Thank you so much god of madness! I WILL ALWASYS WORSHIP YOU!


I’m still working on the helmet. I have the model and textures already, but I have been busy with a few other projects. I’ll get this done when I can, so just wait a little longer.


Bumped to get this back on top if anyone ever forgot about this thread :3.

If you keep bumping, he will stop doing it for you. He said he’s busy with other stuff so hold your horses.

I Was referring to the post that only said “Bump.”

Any updates so far?
(Bump, don’t ask.)

The only update I have is that my laptop decided to crap out on me a few days ago. I’m still trying to gather everything I had on my desktop PC, so assuming I can get everything in working order, I might be able to get this done soon. I just need to fix a few things that seem to have broken themselves. Gotta love it when Vista’s updates end up breaking everything sometimes, eh?

I really do apologize for the long wait.

No big problem.
But it’s true, I LOVE the fact that vista ends up breaking everything.
That’s why I use windows 7 ._.

So, how you doin’?

I’m also wondering why I’m rated dumb for no reason whatsoever.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of problems with my own compiles lately. Ever since the GMod 13 update, I can’t seem to get the model to spawn, nor will the game create a spawn icon for it. All it tells me is that there was some sort of script error, and then it mentions something about the LUA when I look in the console. I’ve put it on a temporary hold for now until I can figure out what the problem is.


I heard somewhere that you have to create the spawn icons manually, or some such thing. I could be wrong though.

To my knowledge, the game is supposed to create the spawn menu icon automatically if you don’t include one. Until the GMod 13 update rolled out, that’s what would normally happen. I’ve never actually had to make the spawn icon from scratch, so I wouldn’t really know how to go about taking care of that.