Some requests

alrighty, I"m looking for three versions of a weapon model, the M1903 rifle, one is already done with thanks to DoD, but I need the scoped version with bolt open, then the two others the same gun but with no scope, as well the same no scope version with bolt open.

There is another rifle I want done but we’ll start small with the Springfield.

then, there is a model request, but can’t think straight to get the full character’s details down @_@

Put the detail in the thread or no one’s going to do it.

Yeah, I trawl through here looking for things I think I can make for people just practise my modelling skills. So I’d be happy to have a go, but we need to know what you’re wanting! :slight_smile:

The other rifle that I want done, but not that mandatory at the moment:

the M1 Garand, same as the Springfield, I want an open action version. as well A modeled En bloc mag that has fresh ammo in it where the dod models has one that is empty.

if you guys need referance pics just ask.