Some requests

I’m sure my previous request topic failed and was bumped to the bottom of the list.

anywho I’ll (this time around) make this one more better/simpler for the rest of you.

now, for starters, I need a Scopeless version of the M1903 Springfield rifle with two versions of that which 1. being an open bolt
2. being a closed bolt.

Need reference pics? here:

(open bolt minus the rounds)

(closed bolt)

of course the DOD version of the rifle would be just right, just need someone to edit out the scope.

Note: I didn’t do the [img] thing with both pics is because I don’t want to stretch the page with both of them.

also, I’ve had asked this once on another topic somewhere but…

Can someone tell me where I can get the mobster models, the trench coat styled ones as seen in pics around here?

what are you asking for? prop swep ? second arent there like 8 million models of this gun?

Try this one

hm. what I’m asking for is just simply a prop for weapon posing, sorry for forgetting to add that detail in.